Karen Shirlaw

NES Health Practitioner, HeartMath Facilitator and Human Potential Coach trained by Bulletproof, Founder of Onsen Skin Health

You can read about the inspiration behind Onsen Skin Health over on but if you’re on this page the chances are you share my love of bio-hacking and quantum physics.

How did it start?

I fell in love… a different kind of love, the purest I’d ever known and it made me want to change the world, to be the very best version of myself I possibly could be. It happened in the middle of the night, my daughter had trusted me with her new baby for an overnight stay and as his tiny hand reached up for my cheek I knew I had to have all the answers for him and that Malakai should have all the tools to live an empowered life.

I qualified as a NES Health Practitioner believing that bio-energetics equip us with the best tools for health; the body when you look at it closely is intelligently organised energy and for the most part it efficiently carries out all the functions we require to go through life. Treating illness at the level of energy, for me, is more sensible than treating the symptom of dis-ease. A quick side note to indulge my love of quantum physics; an atom is made up of 0.0001% matter; therefore we are made up of 0.0001% matter too, the rest is energy / life force / creative power. Call it what you like it’s exciting!

For the past 9 months I’ve been studying with the Bulletproof Training Institute to become a Human Potential Coach. Dave Asprey is the driving force behind Bulletproof and you may have come across his Bulletproof Coffee or maybe supplements such as High Octane Brain Oil. I took away from this course not the thousands of ways to hack your biology to get the best performance from your body and mind, it was how little time we spend being present with ourselves and with others. This fuelled my research into neuroscience and evolving the brain, pruning the less useful synaptic connections in favour of creating pathways for increased intellect and experiencing life from a place of joy.

Alongside all of this I spent some time in Mexico with the HeartMath Institute and qualified as a HeartMath Facilitator. The wonderful people at HeartMath have qualified the interconnectedness of our species with peer reviewed science.

Malakai is 4 years of age as I write this, he reaches out for NES Health remedies when he’s under the weather; he has an interest in the energy flowing through humans, trees and his big love – rocks. I hope I’m helping him to explore the world through eyes that keep discovering just how wonderful this life is and how every moment should be savoured.

If you are struggling with ill health, lack of energy, no sense of purpose propelling you forward and you would like to explore this with me I look forward to hearing from you. It’s your right as a human to realise the purpose to being here is to discover you are the source of joy.

Client Testimonials

Prior to having a full body scan for a whole list of complaints arising from a career with horses, I was given an on-body treatment with miHealth for a chronic neck injury and painful wrists. I was sceptical of an instant response but that’s what I got!


I was sceptical when Karen suggested exploring the possibility of a pain-free recovery after running as I've always struggled post-event. This week I achieved two PBs only 24 hours apart! For sure I put the work in but it's more than possible NES Health improved the recovery process, and there was substantially less pain than usual.


I am undergoing medical treatment and receiving additional support from the NES system to retain balance in my energy levels while my body attempts to heal.


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