Changing and Maintaining our Body Shape

By Karen | October 16, 2018

I was asked to write on the process of autophagy and how it might help clients who are considering cryolipolysis treatment.  This is a treatment that is offered in my clinic and I have to admit to struggling with carrying out the treatment on clients who are not using the procedure as a catalyst for change.   Yes,…

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A tribe… family we choose

By Karen | August 8, 2018

I mentioned the profound love I felt for a newborn as being my catalyst for change but that suggests I don’t love the other children in my life as much.  For sure there is something primal about your own child giving birth when you’re there to witness it, the continuation of your lineage.  Sometimes there…

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Perfect Beginnings

By Karen | April 11, 2018

Thank you for taking the time to read this very personal account of witnessing someone realise their own human potential.  My heavily pregnant daughter was in the UK to deliver my grand-daughter and unable to fly we drove from England to Scotland for a family gathering.  When I’m in the car I listen to audiobooks and I…

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Pruning Neural Pathways

By Karen | April 10, 2018

Someone asked me the other day why I listen to classical music – there are a host of benefits I won’t go into – primarily I’m pruning neural pathways I no longer wish to travel.  I’m consciously freeing up valuable components in order to practice presence-centred living. When I’m in the car and the radio…

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