Human Potential Coaching wasn’t really something I set out to qualify in; I trained with Bulletproof and I was initially drawn to them via an interest in bio-hacking.  Bio-hacking, if you google it, will offer up many different interpretations but I like Dave Asprey’s approach:

Biohacking: (verb, noun)

  • (v): To change the environment outside of you and inside of you so you have full control of your biology, to allow you to upgrade your body, mind, and your life.

  • (n) The art and science of becoming superhuman.

Not sure I set out with the intention of becoming superhuman but I wanted to know everything there was to know about living life in an optimal state of health and happiness.  I love life!  I don’t intend to waste a second on stuff that doesn’t release life-affirming hormones in my brain.  Has it been easy to reach a place where I recognise triggers with the potential to steer me off course?  No, I put in the work, and most hacks involve some degree of mastery.

I’ve been interested in personal development my entire adult life, I’ll admit to reading only three novels, I still have them on my book shelf and they are all by Joanne Harris (must have been a phase); my philosophy was if I couldn’t learn from a book why allocate time to it.

Given the sheer amount of time I did set aside for learning I realised I could have earned myself several PhDs if I’d gone down the academic route.  Just to prove I could I enrolled in a Masters programme in Corporate Communication and Public Affairs (it complimented my job at the time); but convinced it would have been easy to complete if I were interested enough I drew a line under it after one year and left with my PgCert.

The term bio-hacking wasn’t widely used back then but actively seeking to improve everything about myself - from my physiology to improved mental capacity – and to experience an increased spiritual connection to everything, was in fact what I was doing.

Ten years back not too many people were talking about quantum physics either; in my eyes, the marriage of science and spirituality. In these enlightened times we now have scientific proof of the connectedness of all things; a matrix, field theory, and we have access to proof of the benefits of meditating and practicing yoga – these habits no longer live in the hippie realm – there are too numerous scientific studies extolling the positive outcomes of regular practice for us to ignore.  The HeartMath Institute gives access on their website to extensive studies on the EMF of the heart and the benefits of coherence and they don’t even ask for your e-mail address in return!  We can no longer assign this stuff to the headscarf and big earrings brigade, and it shouldn’t be confined to libraries for the learned either, I became a Human Potential Coach because everyone deserves to be living their best life and if I help just a few people on their journey that’s good enough for me.

I want to offer you a beautiful example of bio-hacking at its best, please visit a blog on Perfect Beginnings.

These are exciting times, I feel very lucky to be alive, sometimes I wish I were 20 years younger but then I remind myself I’ll live to be 104 years and I’ve still got time to do everything I want to do!

Sample a coaching class if helping others to achieve their potential is something that interests you.

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I had several life coaching sessions with Karen and she helped me to explore my reactions to situations and techniques I could employ to build resilience. She taught me the HeartMath Coherence Technique and that has helped me greatly in managing anxiety.