The healing rituals we associate with longevity centre around harnessing natural energy and the MiHealth from NES Health works in a similar way within the body’s energy field to restore balance. In a world embracing change at a quantum level we are less likely to treat a symptom without understanding the cause, and growing numbers accept physical dis-ease is often indicative of past trauma or stress.

As energy bodies we have complex circuitry firing instructions and organising responses that enable us to function throughout the day; a glitch in the system at the energy level results in a blockage that if not cleared will subsequently manifest as illness.

NES Health systems restore balance to the various energy meridians within the body. The body, when looked at closely is intelligently organised energy, and for the most part it efficiently carries out all the functions we require to go through life.

The symptom of an illness is essentially a blockage – part of a message is corrupt – the normal healthy response from the body has been replaced by a mutated response. At this stage we tend to introduce medicine to treat the symptom, but we still don’t know what the cause was. Assuming it’s an energy blockage the condition could be treated at an energy level, that is what NES Health does.

NES Health… look great, feel fabulous and take control by reinstating balance in the complex circuitry organising the intelligent responses in your body.