Thank you for taking the time to read this very personal account of witnessing someone realise their own human potential.  My heavily pregnant daughter was in the UK to deliver my grand-daughter and unable to fly we drove from England to Scotland for a family gathering.  When I’m in the car I listen to audiobooks and I told Ashley I had to listen to some material for the course I was doing and that she could just put her head down and rest.  In total on our return journey she heard around 20 hours of material from Gregg Braden and Dave Asprey.

I could never have known what information resonated with her and I didn’t ask.  We were only back in England a few days and at her routine appointment the doctor requested a scan and confirmed her son would be born in a day or two and that she would be admitted.

We argued that two separate 4D scans confirmed a daughter; my 4 year old grandson so matter of fact said ‘I told you it’s my brother!’, and he did, all the way through the pregnancy and we thought it was because he didn’t like the idea of a sister…  I digressed as I love that part of the story.

The following day Kai and I visited Ashley and we spent the morning just passing time as the drugs to induce the labour took effect; we were eventually asked to leave. This was really tough for me, I’d been with her when Kai was born and there would be no one with her this time – her Sudanese husband was refused a visit visa – she assured me that I was of most value with her son.

Kai and I went home, picked up my German Shepherd and headed off to the woods to take my mind off Ashley being alone; I received a text from my sister-in-law saying Congrats!  It couldn’t be, we only left her a few hours earlier, I rang the hospital and sure enough Jamal had arrived.

We picked up whatever clothes weren’t pink with a tutu attached and headed back to the hospital, what a vision was in front of me, I couldn’t believe it.  My daughter was out of bed, she was glowing, she was happily and coherently chatting with Jamal; it was so different from the swollen, drugged, nauseous mess she’d been in last time.

She told me “It was that book that we listened to, I knew what I had to do and I did it, I didn’t scream, it didn’t hurt and it was amazing!”  The midwife had said to her “I don’t know what you’re doing but keep doing it, I’ve been a midwife for 20 years and I’ve not been at a birth like this!”

That little upgrade in human potential created space for so much more fulfilment than the previous birth… and we’re still learning about the numerous benefits of peaceful births on children.


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